About Us

Keren Sheffi


born 1984, is a writer. She has an M.A from the Literature department in Tel Aviv University, has performed on the Acco Festival with “Conversations with a Bot”, a collection of dialogues carried out with the artificial intelligence cleverbot.com, and is soon to publish her first book, a novel named “The Un-Impossible”.

Saar Székely


born 1984, is a performance artist. He is a long-time member of Public Movement and led its 24-hours action Civil Fast in 2012, has collaborated in the creation of the highly acclaimed “Saddam: a Mystery Play”, which has won first prize on the Acco Festival for theatre, and as part of his research on social experiments, has participated in the Israeli Big Brother reality show, and reached the finals.


Contact us at info@hagrala.org .

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